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Web 2.0

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Some newsletters brought new ideas - there is mail beyond spam… First of all a load of articles from Campus Technology. Incubating Next-Gen.Edu presents some ideas from two universities how to implement a lot of these wonderful new web 2.0 tools into teaching and, hopefully, learning. Trent Batson asks Can We Trust Students to Learn in Web 2.0? and provides some ideas and a few good links in his article. Gartner makes the big headline with a claim that E-learning Market Pushing Toward Open Source. SIIA, which stands for Software & Information Industry Association,  Issues Final Call for Ed Tech Survey and hopes for your participation. And finally someone tells us how to go about Unleashing the Power of Web 2.0. One of our summer students just introduced me to Silverlight, Microsoft’s recent acquisition. Cheers from Dublin!