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LUCie Unit 1 - Summary

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

In LUCie Unit 1  we used a number of tools - Moodle-wiki, forum, Freemind.
The following tools are available (all links open in a new window):

Vocabulary Questions:

Luigi recommends:

Mind mapping
Some of you asked me about the mind mapping tool. It is open-source software and free.

You can download it here:

If you would like to go through a tutorial, find some links here:
FreeMind Tutorial

Some of you also asked me how to create loops in the map. That is not possible in a mindmap, but you could do that in a so-called concept map.

Here is one very good free example:
Concept Mapping Software

You can download it and use it as a desktop tool, but you can also install it on a server (if you have access) and make it accessible on the web and use it as a collaboration tool.

Vocabulary training

LUCie - Learner, User Customer in e-Learning

Saturday, June 26th, 2010


Learner, User, Customer
in e-Learning

FREE English Course

Intermediate to Advanced

Multimedia e-Learning

Pilot Study


Is an interactive multimedia and collaborative environment to
improve your English, web 2.0 style:

Computer-based sessions for non-native speakers of English, ( English Level = Intermediate to Advanced).

Focus on listening comprehension and academic writing skills.
Includes some grammar revision and vocabulary quizzes.

Units 1-5 cover topics such as

· Structure of English Academic Texts

· Interpreting Statistics, presenting data

· Beginning and ending, summarising

· Process description, interpreting data

· Referencing, Plagiarism

· Reading academic texts

· Quickly scanning for information on-line

· Understanding speakers with different accents

Who is it for?

Non-native speakers of English, ( English Level = Intermediate to Advanced).

Prospective international students, non-native speakers of English 

Current DCULS and DCU students

Postgraduates, who want to improve their academic writing skills

If any of the above describes you, this course is for you!

What are the Benefits?

· Free English course

· Use interactive multimedia environment

· Watch, listen, learn

· Get to grips with basics of English academic writing

· Improve listening comprehension


Unit Raffles:
Bi-weekly raffles for participants attending all 1-hr sessions/unit

LUCie Raffle:
In August, for participants attending all sessions of 3 or more units


Where and When

Engineering & Research Building
Dublin City University

1 hour sessions: Monday & Wednesday afternoon
2 hour sessions: Saturday morning

Optional: Additional sessions depending on demand

Dates (TBC):
Unit 1 Mon 31/05/10 - Sat 12/06/10
Unit 2 Mon 21/06/10 -Sat 03/07/10
Unit 3 Mon 12/07/10 - Sat 24/07/10
Unit 4 Wed 04/08/10 - Sat 14/08/10
Unit 5 Mon 23/08/10 - Sat 4/09/10

Sign up for Unit 1 until or before Friday 28 May

Sign up for all other units until the week before it starts.
Places are limited. First come, first served ;)


More Details

Pilot Course is free.
Participants are asked to sign up for 2-3 units
Each unit: two 1-hour sessions / week for 2 weeks


If you cannot make it to the pilot (June-August 2010):

Course will be available on-line from the end of the year (2010)
Check here or for details!

* free during pilot study*
10 donation for each unit (4 * 1 hr)
for one of our supported charities
(after end of pilot study August 2010 only)