LUCie Unit 1 - Summary

In LUCie Unit 1  we used a number of tools - Moodle-wiki, forum, Freemind.
The following tools are available (all links open in a new window):

Vocabulary Questions:

Luigi recommends:

Mind mapping
Some of you asked me about the mind mapping tool. It is open-source software and free.

You can download it here:

If you would like to go through a tutorial, find some links here:
FreeMind Tutorial

Some of you also asked me how to create loops in the map. That is not possible in a mindmap, but you could do that in a so-called concept map.

Here is one very good free example:
Concept Mapping Software

You can download it and use it as a desktop tool, but you can also install it on a server (if you have access) and make it accessible on the web and use it as a collaboration tool.

Vocabulary training

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