dot conf at NCI

Tomorrow I’ll attend the dot conf¬† at the National College of Ireland, in the middle of Dublin’s IFSC. It happens to be the college where I did my MSc by Research - it’s always nice to go back and say hello to everybody .

The first remarkable thing definitely is their promotional video. I love it! It’s definitely worth seeing.

Then their line up of speakers sounds very promising; I’ll comment on some of the talks I attend.

I really like their approach to get people involved with the so-called Deep Dives (I signed up for two of them) and a raffle for those people signing up to a Linkedin group.

Communication among attendees before the event is encouraged with more activities in the Linkedin group,¬† I can’t remember what you can win, but I thought the timing was excellent.

I’m curious to see if this takes some of the speechlessness out of the coffee breaks - unless you know everybody, it can be a bit awkward. I’m sure you know what I mean…

I’m really looking forward to it - see you there?

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