Books on Academic Writing

This post has been sitting in my dashboard as a draft for a couple of weeks now. Won’t make a draft again - too dangerous to just forget posting it…

It has been a very interesting experience - as well as exhausting and at time frustrating. From what I have seen in the feedback forms so far, most of the participants seemed to have had a good experience. Some seem very keen to continue improving their academic writing skills.There are a lot of pointers in the links I posted during the last few weeks.

Some people were interested in books on the topic; here is a collection I know is available in the DCU library:

Lennart Bjoerk, Christine Raeisaenen (1996) Academic Writing - A University Writing Course

Rowena Murray (2007) Writing for Academic Journals

John M. Swales, Christine B. Feak (2009) Academic Writing for Graduate Students - Essential Tasks and Skills

Here is a book with the “principal requirements of plain English style” and it is available as a PDF online:

William Strunk, Jr.
The Elements of Style

For those who are interested in creating online courses yourself: there are loads of books around. The following are very hands on and I know they are definitely available in the DCU library:

Kathleen Iverson (2005) E-Learning Games - Interactive Learning Strategies for Digital Delivery

Gilly Salmon (2000) E-Moderating: the key to teaching and learning online

Gilly Salmon (2002) E-tivities: the key to active online learning

Gilly Salmon’s books are a bit, hm, matured; but they are still of good help to get started.

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