I am learning Swahili!

You are learning WHAT? is the usual response. Yes, I have started learning the language at the Dublin Swahili Institute and I hope to make good use of it during my volunteer stay with TVP in Tanzania in May and June.

It is quite an exciting undertaking - not comparable to a trip to North America or elsewhere in Europe. It keeps me very busy and it is also quite a bit more expensive, because it requires more complex preparation. You need vaccinations against all kinds of exotic diseases such as yellow fever, hepatitis A & B or typhoid - to name just a few.

Flights are by nature more expensive. Then you might consider special equipment like mosquito-repellent clothes, spray against mosquitoes and Malaria prophylaxis. Don’t forget sun screen and mosquito nets and shoes that will allow you to walk long distances in hot weather. The good news: the equipment AND the vaccinations will mostly last for quite a while.

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