How much does it cost?

A number of people have asked me about the costs of the volunteer work.

Here is a list of the main items:

  • 780 EUR for the 5-week stay in the project,
  • roughly 400 EUR for vaccinations and malaria medication and
  • 564 EUR for the return-flight to Kilimanjaro airport
  • approx. 130 EUR for travel and health insurance.

Depending on how much funds I can raise, my own budget will either be completely needed to cover these costs or, if I am lucky, I might have some of my saved money to spend on a bit of sightseeing at the weekends. Considering that there are several national parks around Mount Kilimanjaro, including Serengeti National Park literally at our door step, that would be great. From what I know about my job, I will travel to a number of small villages to work with the women, so I’ll definitely get to see the surroundings of Moshi.
The flight booking was a bit of an adventure, because the online booking did not go through at first. But with the friendly and competent help of Hilary from I finally got the flight for 90 EUR less than the original price.

Thanks for that - every little helps;)

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