Pre-Tanzania Training @ TVP

Just got back from a 3,5 hr training session. This sounds a lot worse than it was - it was actually a nice evening. Here we were, all 15 of us, full of enthusiasm and with loads of ideas to share on fund raising, travel preparation and so on.

It is a nice group going out over the summer - students, teachers, a lawyer and myself. Most of us will work either in the nursery or the orphanage. One lucky girl will work in the new music school which has been set up last year in cooperation with the Walton’s School of Music. The woman right beside me - I can’t remember her name, I’m clearly over-worked - will be working in the conservation project. She is looking forward to planting trees - apparently a welcome change to her usual office job. Unfortunately I won’t see most of them again before our debriefing session in the fall, since I will have returned to Europe before most of them leave for Tanzania. I also noticed that except for two people, including myself, everybody else is travelling in pairs.

Wes from TVP gave an introduction to Moshi. It was very interesting - he clearly knows what he is talking about. Although TVP is only three years old, he has been to Moshi four years in a row now. If I can confirm all his impressions on my return it will have been one of the best months in my life ;) Ciara from TVP joined us half-way through the session. It was great being able to talk to her. There are a few details to consider when travelling as a woman and she knew all about it.

Next stop on my way to Tanzania is tomorrow evening’s baking session for the Coffee Morning on Wednesday. But the very next stop is my bed.

lala salama!

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