#oped12 It is week 5 already?? No, worse, it is week 6!

Working my way through the week 5; OMG week 6 is almost over already..

So what are the learning objectives again?
- Describe differences between peer-produced and expert-based educational resources

That should be inetersting. Is it about who does the better job or whether you actually still need the experts? We or I shall see..

- Detail impact of OER development models on resource quality

So we are looking at quality. I’m really curious to see what the literature presents on that aspect.. Speaking of literature: obviously it will be intersting what kind of resources present which position :)

- Analyze organizational impact of OERs on universities

Not only interested in impact on universities alone - but I guess, since it is a course on Open Education we are mostly talking about formal secondary and 3r level education.

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