#oped12 OERs and Low Riders and some more

OERs and Low Riders
“Centrally organized open educational initiatives have a single point of failure: funding.”
I expected that much.

“There is a solution: systemization.”
What does that mean? If I understood it correct, the author complains that openness is applied at a point in time when the important decisions have been made: for example the curriculum is not open for discussion.

What does all that mean for the EU ICT Call 11? The call asks for proposals for Holistic learning solutions (here is an example for creative writing..); they actually mean projects for “managing, reaching and engaging learners in the public administrations. The use of open education resources as well as open source learning and rapid application development tools is encouraged.”

To come back to the initial question: it can mean, that openness in education has to be open for changes of the curriculum - a lot easier for workplace training than for 3rd level education.
All this reminds me a bit of software product lines. Develop a core set of features and branch off depending on individual needs. That might be an idea. Any thoughts?

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