#oped12 Want to read more on OER?

There is a lot out there - particularly about OER Africa.

Here a list with some recent publications.

  1. A special issue on Distance Education for Empowerment and Development in Africa including Catherine Ngugi’s paper on OER in Africa‚Äôs higher education institutions.
  2. The Commonwealth of Learning and UNESCO have just published Open Educational Resources and Change in Higher Education
  3. An empirical investigation of the emergent issues around OER adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa by Pauline Ngimwaa & Tina Wilson
  4. The OER mix in higher education: purpose, process, product, and policy by Samuel Nikoi & Alejandro Armellini from the special issue on OER and Social Inclusion
  5. CORRE: a framework for evaluating and transforming teaching materials into open educational resources by Samuel K. Nikoi, Tania Rowlett, Alejandro Armellini & Gabi Witthaus
  6. Special Issue: Open Educational Resources from 2009 (!) of Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning
  7. OER Knowledge Cloud

My favorite clearly is the Knowledge Cloud. I guess I am having my girlie 5 minutes - the logo does look a bit like a cloud. But mostly I like the idea of this website. Go and have a look!

Now the big prize question is: are all these papers also available off-campus OR are they “protected” and safely stored behind a login?? Wouldn’t that be ironic, to say the least…

I will try as soon as I get home and I will report back. I promise. :)

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