Thanks to all bakers, eaters and supporters

Thanks to the people who put in the work to provide us with the selection of home-made cakes; here is what you missed if you didn’t make it:

Polish Chocolate cake from Joana - BIG succes again :)
Lemon Cheesecake from Jie
Banoffi Pie from Evans
Linzer Torte
Marble cake
Chocolate brownies from Tony
Apple crumble cake
Paula’s special cake
Romanian Space cakes - just kidding.. , Ramona brought a variety of fruit cake, delicious as always

Home-made cookies from Jenny
Lemon Cake from Trudy

Thanks to the staff of the chaplaincy for helping with setup and providing the space.
And finally thanks to all who attended the coffee morning.

We raised a fantastic 365 € - a big chunk of the funds we are trying to raise and which I will take with me to Tanzania.

If you couldn’t make it on Wednesday morning, but would like to support the fundraising and online isn’t your thing, there are also these 2 options:

I am still collecting funds with a sponsoring card - just talk to me when you see me on campus - I usually have the sponsoring card with me at all times :)


Piggy, a money-hungry piglet (aka money bank), has moved in with
Breda McManus, EEng, Room 348, DCU
until Wednesday 19 June.
Piggy prefers paper money, but will eat coins of all sizes as well:)

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