Back in Tanzania

We got a very warm welcome from Sadock, who picked us up at the airport on Saturday. Much appreciated, as I know how busy he is!

It is very different this time and it isn’t. It is slightly chilly in the mornings, warming up in the afternoons around 3pm. So far we only got a short glimpse of Kili – better than nothing I guess.. I am traveling together with a friend this time – this is much more relaxed, I have to say. There are many new buildings in Moshi, including a brand new shopping mall, which I have only seen from the outside so far. Dee and Christina in the Foot2Afrika office I finally met in person, while Deb, who I have been in touch with on facebook a lot, and I have not managed to meet up yet – a good half-way through the 1st week.

The way into town hasn’t changed though and I didn’t have any problems finding it. The service at Union Coffee has gotten a lot slower, their wireless has gotten worse and a lot more expensive, while the „new kid on the block“ (as far as I’m concerned..), Kilimanjaro Coffee Lounge has good wifi, very good food and much faster service. The kids are still lying around at the hostel half of the day, busy using the now free wifi to give long reports to frineds and family back home on skypeor chilling together.

It is interesting to see how Sascha has a lot of experiences I had last time: it is a bit unreal to actually be here, the information overload with the unfamiliar food, living situation, smells and noises, e.g. rooster and imam from the mosque, both to be heard around 5 am every morning.

We have spent most of our time getting started: we had a look at the room at the ‘Msamaria Orphange for Street Children’ were the trainings for the orphanage staff and the Rudisha Women Group are starting next week. We collected the laptops they received from a sponsor. Sascha is literally cleaning them, putting new software on the laptops, updating it and I have been looking at OERs and doing some excel, power point and wordpress training with Foot2Afrika.

 It is all good :D


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